Boiler installations, servicing, repairs and replacements

We offer a comprehensive range of boiler related services including brand new boiler installations, existing boiler repairs and replacements, complete boiler servicing to keep your boiler in the best possible working order. We offer all of our boiler services in and around West Wickham, Bromley and Kent.

The past 10 years have seen huge changes in the manufacture and installation of central heating boilers.  Condensing boilers have helped to reduce energy costs and if you change to a condensing boiler from an older style boiler you should notice a substantial reduction in your gas bill. If you are considering changing your boiler, here is a list of your options and what you can expect:

Combination boilers

This boiler will provide heating for your radiators and hot water, heating the  water instantaneously, meaning that you have no stored water – i.e. no hot water cylinder or tanks in the loft – reducing the chance of freezing pipework, damaged ceilings etc. from water damage.  Removal of the cylinder from a cupboard can create some well needed storage, and if you still want heat in the cupboard, we can often install a small radiator to keep the area warm. Replacing your existing boiler with a newly installed combination boiler could help reduce your energy bills.

Suitable for: households of up to 4 adults, with up to 2 bathrooms.

Upside: no waiting for the cylinder to heat up when someone has used all the water for a bath!
Runs on mains pressure, so provides a good shower.

Saves energy – no need to continually heat a full cylinder of hot water – you only pay for the water you use.
Downside: Water pressure will be reduced when two services are used at the same time – although the newer combination boilers have increased output reducing this issue somewhat.
Should a combination boiler fail, you will have neither heating nor hot water until the boiler is fixed – with conventional boiler and cylinder options you will still have hot water from the cylinder using an immersion heater should the boiler break down.

Conventional heating system

Conventional heating system generally consist of a hot water cylinder, cold water tanks situated in the loft with a  boiler which will heat the water in the radiators  and provide the means to heat the stored hot water in the cylinder.

Upside: No loss of pressure when a number of taps are run at the same time.

Downside – Modern living demands lots of hot water with powerful showers. Small cylinders are often run dry very quickly by less cost conscious members of the household – teenagers – this means you!

A quick recovery cylinder added to a conventional heating system could help alleviate this problem, and your installer should be able to guide you on the best option for you – depending on your budget and requirements.

System boilers

It is specifically designed for larger output requirements and provides heating only for sealed central heating systems and open systems. The hot water is pumped from the system boiler through the heating system to the radiators and is usually fitted in conjunction with an unvented hot water cylinder, resulting in good flow rates, fast response and more economical running costs. The system boiler also removes the need for feed and expansion tanks.  If you are considering a loft conversion in the future, but need to replace your boiler now, this could be your best choice.